Jen VuHuong

How to achieve a Goal

Practical step-by-step ideas to help you achieve a goal especially a full top scholarship! (Based on my own experience of achieving 5 world top scholarships and interview 100 scholars)

Jen VuHuong

Live with Passion

7 Practical pillars to free yourself from things which hold you back, take daily action and enjoy every moment of life! (based on my own transformation journey and learning over the last decade)

Jen VuHuong

Empower Leaders -Mastermind group

Jen's latest insights, breakthroughs, strategies, and results thought leadership and entreprenurship. Bonuses: 1hour one-on-one coaching, Access to private Facebook group, Free one online course, 9 tools, email support

Jen VuHuong

Action to results Coaching

It is one-to-one or group coaching section (online or offline) to empower you level up in either your personal or business life. I will walk you through a process of looking within you, develop and sustain mindset and habits to be your be your best!

Jen VuHuong

Unleash your Passion

Jen VuHuong

Speaking Mastery