Course description

The online course aims to support you UNLEASH your passion by providing insights in PASSION:
P – Pure desire (how to uncover your pure desire)
A – Affirmed choice (how to make a affirmed decision)
S – Self-discipline (how to be self-disciplined)
S – Service (the power of live with service)
I – Imagination (how to use imagination to create EMPOWERING BELIEFS)
O – Optimized opportunities
N – Now (the power of now, being present)

Jen VuHuong

Jen VuHuong

Author/Trainer, Jen, helps you reach your personal and leadership potential

Meet your instructor - Jen:



  • Distinct level, Best performance award Masters’ degree at University West of England (United Kingdom) in International Management
  • Best performance award Masters’ degree at University of Girona (Spain) in Business Innovation and Technology Management
  • Engineer degree (GPA 8.14/10) at Hanoi University of Science and Technology („Bach Khoa‟ University, Vietnam) in Electronics and Telecommunications


  • Scholarships: Full British government Chevening Scholarship; Full European Union's Erasmus Mundus Scholarship; Excellent student award; Samsung Electronics scholarship; Nguyen Truong To and Vietnammobile scholarship


  • Best performer in 2 Masters degrees
  • Best performance prize in Samsung and Dell partner
  • Best trainee in Samsung global training 
  • Outstanding researcher of IEOM
  • 2 published international journal research papers


  • Author of the 5 published books 'Nonstop loving, living and giving', 'The Goal Achiever', 'Unleash Your Passion', 'The YOU journal', and 'Leadership development journey'
  • Top ten blogger in Erasmus Travelling blog (2015)


  • Tedx speaker
  • Speaker and Trainer at the US Embassy and the UK Embassy
  • Keynote speaker at Hviet, Youthspeak program
  • The most passionate personal development coach/trainer and international speaker; Jen has spoken in more than 10 countries on the topic of personal and leadership;
  • The winner of International speaking contest in Malaysia and Vietnam and the US Embassy
  • Trainer at Leadership institute and EYI public speaking


  • Top runner in Full Marathon in Penang, Malaysia
  • Third prize in “Samsung‟s got talent” competition
  • First prize in a sport competition of Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty

Founder of 

  • Personal and leadership development programs: Empower You Seminar, Be the Leaders, Cspeaking Gym
  • Sustainable development: Start with Green


Why Jen is here?

Jen has been inspired by her siblings who have saved her life three times, have always loved her unconditionally, intensively and have given her all the best things.

Seeing all the struggles of her siblings - almost dying, dropping out of school, choosing their own life route, standing on their own feet at the early ages, sacrificing for her family, courageously overcoming difficulties - Jen feels compelled to inspire others to be NONSTOP living meaningfully, purposefully and vibrantly, loving completely and openly, and giving to make a difference in life.

Course Includes

9 Videos

23 Texts